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Shower Replacement

Replacement Showers in Peoria, Bloomington and Springfield Illinois

If your shower is leaky, out-dated, or simply no longer meets your families needs, then we have the perfect solution for you. Our new baths and showers are sure to improve the overall look and comfort for your bathroom. That’s because we have a stunning variety of options to choose from for your shower remodel, and all of our new shower systems. 


Signs that it’s time for a replacement shower in Indianapolis:


  • Shower is leaking 

  • Door doesn’t open or close proper.

  • Shower is overcome by mold and or mildew. 

  • Base is scratched, stained, or cracked. 

  • Hardware is rusty or leaky. 


If any of these sounds familiar, don’t worry: our expert remodelers are standing by and ready to help you upgrade your bathroom with a brand new shower.